Children perform better in school, escape the emotional trauma of hunger, and experience long-term health benefits


Veterans and their families experience improved wellness and achieve quicker, more lasting reentry into civilian life

College students

Cash-strapped college students experience improved health, less isolation, and increased academic wellbeing

Senior citizens

Senior citizens access key nutrients needed to nourish their bodies and sustain their lives

Low-income residents

Low-income residents dedicate more of their income toward staying housed, and for medical and childcare costs or emergency expenses

Individuals and families experiencing homelessness

People experiencing or recovering from homelessness are connected with outreach services through food assistance, and experience improved quality of life as they rebuild and seek permanent housing

In addition to food, many of our partner agencies provide services that help the people they serve transcend the destructive effects of poverty and homelessness, such as employment assistance, housing placement, psychological counseling, job training, money management assistance, and parenting classes. Our food nourishes their bodies and minds as they work hard to achieve independent success.

Hear from some of the families our agencies have served over the past 40 years.