Become a Westside Giver!

Become a Westside Giver!

Join our monthly giving program and become a Westside Giver today

Help us change the world –one dollar at a time!

Your support helps us when giving slows down. We can count on you. And, as a result, your donations are part of our planning—it’s income we can count on.

We also  know that many of you are on a tight budget –which is why we are encouraging you to make a monthly gift. It allows you to provide many, many more meals to families in need by giving smaller amounts over several months.

Many of you have already become Westside Givers and have helped us provide consistent food to our partners—those agencies providing hot meals and grocery bags of food to individuals in need.

We appreciate your ongoing support. People in need could not get the nutritious food required to provide energy and fuel they need to have a successful day. Your generosity has afforded so many in need the nutrition and resulting fuel and energy that make it possible to realize a successful day.

Become a Westside Giver now!