COVID-19 Updates

Below you will find details about Westside Food Bank’s programs and services during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will update this page as new information becomes available.

Last Updated: August 25, 2022

Where to Get Food Help:

Visit the Need Food Help? page for the most up-to-date information about how and where to get food assistance for you or your family.

Is Westside Food Bank Open?

Westside Food Bank is distributing more food than ever to meet the great need for food assistance during and after the coronavirus pandemic. Our office hours are from 9AM to 5PM Monday  – Friday.  Please note we can only accept food donations from 7AM to 3PM Monday – Friday at the back door of our warehouse. We are no longer accepting donations at the front door unless it’s only a handful of items. In this case we have boxes labeled “Donate Food” at the main entrance. Warehouse entrance is through the alley behind our building.

Can Westside Food Bank Still Buy the Food People Need?

Wholesale food costs are increasing due to COVID-19, and the food supply chain is undergoing rapid changes as its many players navigate the current crisis. To counteract these changes, we have been buying more food than usual to ensure that our warehouse has remained well stocked throughout the pandemic, and have suspended all pending member agency fees. This is especially important so that our agencies can continue to distribute a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen meat, eggs, soups and stews without interruption.

How You Can Help:

More than ever, people are experiencing food insecurity and are at risk of becoming homeless. As the need for emergency food assistance skyrockets, we need your help to continue buying the truckloads of food required to keep our warehouse stocked.

Please support WSFB’s COVID-19 emergency relief efforts. Every dollar you donate will allow us to provide people in Western LA County with enough food for four nutritious meals.

Food Donations & Food Drives:

Individual Donations: We are now able to accept individual donations of food but please note our exceptions. At this time we can NOT accept any expired food for a variety of reasons. If they are NOT expired you can leave them in one of the boxes at the front door.  We are also NOT accepting frozen food items at this time but can accept some perishable if you call ahead and schedule an appointment. We are also able to accept large collections of food by appointment only. Please contact Westside Food Bank’s Director of Volunteer Services and Extra Helpings Westside, Allison Griffith.

Physical Food Drives: Westside Food Bank is looking for groups such as faith-based organizations, schools, clubs, scouting groups, neighborhood groups, and others that can hold food drives to collect specific food items that are greatly needed including pasta, pasta sauce (unbreakable packaging please), juice, granola bars, protein bars and breakfast cereal. It is a great help to our staff to have these specific foods sourced and collected for us so that we can continue to support our member agencies and feed our community as efficiently as possible. Due to our limited staff we ask that you collect only one or two different items so that we don’t need to sort at the warehouse. If you would like to collect these foods for us, please apply to schedule your drive on our Food Drive page.

Virtual Food Drives: To set up a custom peer-to-peer Virtual Food Drive and multiply your impact, please contact Westside Food Bank’s Development Manager, Crissi Avila.

Is Westside Food Bank Accepting Food Donations from Food Vendors?

If you are a food manufacturer, distributor, grocery retailer, wholesaler, broker, grower, packer, or food transportation company with large-scale food donations, please contact Westside Food Bank’s Director of Volunteer Services and Extra Helpings Westside, Allison Griffith.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Westside Food Bank. Please note that we are seeking volunteers for our 32nd Annual 5K Hunger Walk which will be back in person! For more information you can reach out to Crissi Avila. Also we do not need volunteers for food sorting at this time. You can check out All Together LA for details on other places to volunteer. For other volunteering questions, please reach out to Allison Griffith.


Westside Food Bank is not currently hosting or attending any in-person events, but please visit our events page for information about upcoming virtual events.

Corporate Engagement:

Food Donations: We are currently accepting limited food drive donations of specific foods that are greatly needed. If your office would like to collect these foods for us, please contact Westside Food Bank’s Director of Volunteer Services and Extra Helpings Westside, Allison Griffith to make arrangements. We are also able to accept individual donations of food.  Please drop off food donations between 7AM to 3PM Monday – Friday at the back door of our warehouse.  

Financial Contributions: Financial gifts enable us to grow programs and purchase nutritious food. Consider including Westside Food Bank as an option for employee gift-matching or your grant program, or contact Westside Food Bank’s Development Manager, Crissi Avila to discuss more ways for your company to make an impact. You can also make a contribution now.

Member Agencies:

If your organization is located in Westside Food Bank’s service area and is interested in becoming a member agency of Westside Food Bank, please contact Westside Food Bank’s Director of Operations, Yvonne Leung to learn more about applying.

If you are an existing member agency in need of assistance, please contact Westside Food Bank’s Operations Specialist, Brittney Calhoun.